GreatChina has been an official representative of our ASU’s American English and Culture Program (AECP) since 2011. It has been our great pleasure to partner with GreatChina, a reputable and trustworthy agency, for many years. We appreciate their hard work in providing guidance, assistance and resources to high qualified students and bringing these students into AECP. In the near future, we look forward to welcoming more students to the AECP family with their help.
Ivonne Martinez Sheperd
Assistant Director of International Marketing, American
English and Culture Program, Arizona State University
DBU has been working with GreatChina for a number of years. In that time, we have been impressed with the quality of students who have been recommended to our university. It is very important to us that we connect with students who will benefit from our unique campus culture focused on excellence in the liberal arts and service to the community. GreatChina has diligently worked to match us with applicants who best fit our profile. We are pleased to partner with a local representative who we believe has the best interest of Chinese students at heart.”
Randy Byers
IExecutive Director of International Programs, Dallas
Baptist University