Study Abroad

GreatChina Study Abroad services started in 1996, and focus on helping and serving thousands of Chinese families, students and scholars gain “Access to Success”. To achieve this, we have developed close and long-term partnerships with educational departments, immigration institutions, colleges and universities in more than twenty cities in China.

In the United States, our central office is in New York, with divisional offices in Phoenix, Dallas and Los Angeles to provide professional service for clients from China. In addition, we have established partnerships with hundreds of schools in all fifty states of the U.S. and other popular countries for studying abroad, such as United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Singapore.


We have researched and developed high quality programs for high school, undergraduate and postgraduate students that utilize consultant teams and an elite counselor team consisting of experts graduating from Ivy League schools, such as Harvard University, Yale University and Columbia University. Our programs are designed to help students who want to apply for U.S. schools to enhance their application background and overall competitiveness. Through one-to-one mentorship with foreign experts and application counselors, Spark Program students receive guidance on analyzing strengths and weaknesses, goal setting, extracurricular activities, writing, reading comprehension, interview preparation, university research, major exploration and career planning, which enables them to improve in standardized tests, community involvement, English language abilities, interview skills, application skills and more. We are proud that our students are able to achieve excellent communication abilities, critical thinking, planning and organizational skills, negotiation skills and writing skills that will allow them to successfully apply for and adapt to American study and life.