International Education

GreatChina International Education Center is rooted in the concepts of meritocratic and holistic education. Under the guidance of the educational declarations and guidelines of the 21th century announced by UNESCO and by combining leading global educational concepts, GreatChina has focused on balanced development for students including the development of academic literacy, art literacy, ideology and morality. We intend to help our students develop themselves into cosmopolitan and all-around intelligent talents. 

Since 2007, GreatChina International Education has been cooperating with educational institutions to create customized international education programs. We have gradually perfected our five-system business model for international education: project management system, international course system, international faculty and education management system, comprehensive student development system, and student matriculation and application service system.

The core of GreatChina International Education Center’s international education program is our well combined Chinese-Foreign curriculum, education methods, teaching materials and student evaluation system. We ensure our teaching quality by maintaining high standards towards faculty recruitment, training and appraising. We cooperate with over 100 personal development platforms both in China and overseas including programs for volunteering in Cambodia or Sri Lanka, the Queensland Cup photographic competition, the International American Debate competition, and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor entrepreneurship campaign. All these programs can enrich the diversity of our services to students and provide them with more free choices in developing personal interests.

GreatChina has collected information from over 2000 education institutions from various English-speaking countries and has achieved strategic partnerships with well-known institutions, including top schools in the US, in order to provide unique matriculation programs to our students.