Investment Immigration

Established in Phoenix, Arizona in 2005, the Immigration Center of GreatChina International Education partners with renowned immigration organizations at home and abroad, striving to provide clients with the best counseling services within the areas of immigration, investment and business setup in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. With the growing upsurge in immigration needs, GreatChina continually endeavors to better serve clients' interests. Approved by the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China, the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department and the Public Security Bureau of Chengdu, GreatChina obtained entry and exit business permits in 2011 and founded another immigration center in Chengdu to provide better service. At the same time, after performing vigorous due diligence, the overseas center in Arizona initiated several turnkey programs with a high success rate. To date, we have successfully helped hundreds of clients in China obtain green cards, with refunds of the initial investment of 500K dollars for several programs.

The center has initiated a One-Plus-One service mode, combining the domestic service center with the overseas project center.  With  senior  consultants, professional  attorneys,  and  analysts,  GreatChina has  made  a  record  of  obtaining approval from immigration  office in just three days and earning 100% satisfaction rates,  100%  successful  immigrant  visa  interviews  through the American Consulate in Guangzhou,  100%  acquisition  of  green  cards,  100% conditional  green  card  rescission,  and  100%  due  investment  fund  refund,  helping  clients  achieve  their  dreams of immigrating abroad faster  and more efficiently. 

Besides GreatChina's professional immigration services, the organization has real estate resources, study abroad training services, and extensive networking. GreatChina regularly organizes such activities as onsite tours and immigration salons, providing clients with ultimate one-stop service for immigration, investment, business setup, study abroad, training and collaboration.