Career Development

In 2003, GreatChina International Education set up the Career Development Center in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2015, the center moved to New York City. It engages domestic and overseas professionals from different fields to provide Chinese students in the U.S. with professional career development counseling. The program provides valuable insight and advising to Chinese students who often face challenges in the U.S. job market such as a lack of experience, language difficulties, communication challenges, and limited networking opportunities. The center provides students with professional opportunities including summer internships, graduation planning, and vocational training, helping them to improve their professional capacity. 

The Career Development Center also provides assistance with and training in resume writing, interview practice, and career capacity trainings and guides students from career planning to execution. The center has a team of senior professional career development counselors who help students realize their potential, improve upon weakness and achieve success in the American workplace by providing a series of professional services.