True China Cultural Exchange

Our Mission:To help merge international education philosophies by providing teachers and students with opportunities for cultural exchange while enjoying Chinese culture in a fun, safe, and enriching manner.

Our Vision: To enhance worldwide cultural exchange by sharing our Chinese culture and language. 

In order to break the language and cultural barriers between the East and the West and promote mutual understanding between the Western world and China, GreatChina International Education launched a new department called True China in 2012. This department has successfully brought many college students and working professionals from Western countries such as Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. to China.


The True China Cultural Exchange Department of GreatChina International Education offers services to foreigners who have the desire to travel to China whether it is to study, teach or explore. Our most successful program helps international individuals come to China and teach at our public and private schools. This program, called Work in China, seeks talented individuals looking to in the field of education to work as a foreign teacher, an academic advisor or an intern. Our second program, called Study in China, is an option for international students who desire to continue their education at a Chinese university. Study in China offers international students an opportunity to learn Chinese and work towards their selected degree. In addition to our Work in China and Study in China programs, the True China Department also offers Explore and Study Tours for groups that are interested in traveling throughout China, learning Mandarin and exploring Chinese culture.